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vivid adj
1 evoking lifelike images within the mind; "pictorial poetry and prose"; "graphic accounts of battle"; "a lifelike portrait"; "a vivid description" [syn: graphic, lifelike, pictorial]
2 having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience; "a vivid recollection"
3 having striking color; "bright greens"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage" [syn: bright, brilliant]
4 (of color) having the highest saturation; "vivid green"; "intense blue" [syn: intense]

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  1. Clear, detailed, and powerful perception.
  2. Graphic.
  3. Bright.

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Verb form

  1. second-person plural imperative form of vivir.

Extensive Definition

Vivid may refer to:
  • Adj.: Alive, animated, fresh, full of life, or spirited; clearly and sharply perceptible; having existence; a living characteristic (from Latin vividus: viv(ere) [= to live] + -idus [a descriptive suffix signaling the use of a word as an adjective])
  • The quality of having "lively" colors (the original definition) or of an imaging system having a wide color space
  • A synonym for animated, lucid, fresh or lively states of mind, as in a "vivid imagination"
  • Vivid London, the London advertising agency
  • Vivid (album), the 1988 debut album by Living Colour
  • Vivid Entertainment, a company that produces and distributes pornographic movies
  • Aston ViVid, a range of Character Generators manufactured by Aston Broadcast Systems Ltd.
  • Vivid, a brand of bleach produced by Reckitt Benckiser.
  • VIVID (media arts), a media art centre in Birmingham, England
  • Vivid, a song by now-disbanded J-Rock band Fairy Fore

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

active, acute, aggressive, agog, alacritous, alive, all agog, animate, animated, anxious, apish, avid, bedazzling, blinding, brave, breathless, bright, bright and shining, bright-hued, brilliant, brisk, burning, bursting to, clear, colorful, colory, creative, dazzling, deep-colored, delineative, delineatory, depictive, descriptive, desirous, detailed, distinct, dramatic, dynamic, eager, echoic, effulgent, eidetic, eloquent, embodying, enduring, energetic, enliven, enterprising, enthusiastic, excite, excruciating, exotic, expositive, expressive, exquisite, extreme, faithful, fecund, fertile, figurative, flamboyant, flaming, forceful, forcible, forward, fresh, fruitful, fulgent, fulgid, full of life, full of pep, galvanize, garish, gay, gay-colored, give life to, glaring, glary, glowing, go-go, gorgeous, graphic, green, hearty, high-colored, ideographic, illustrational, illustrative, imaginative, imitative, impatient, impetuous, incarnating, incisive, intense, inventive, keen, kept in remembrance, kinetic, lasting, lifelike, limning, lively, liven, living, lucid, lusty, meaningful, memorable, mettlesome, mimetic, mimish, naturalistic, onomatopoeic, panting, peppy, personifying, photographic, pictographic, pictorial, picturesque, poignant, powerful, prolific, quick, raring to, ready, ready and willing, realistic, recalled, recollected, refresh, refulgent, remembered, renew, representational, representative, representing, resplendent, restore, retained, rich, rich-colored, robust, sharp, simulative, smacking, snappy, spanking, spirited, splendent, splendid, splendorous, strenuous, striking, strong, suggestive, symbolizing, take-charge, take-over, theatrical, trenchant, true to life, typifying, unforgotten, vibrant, vigorous, vital, vivacious, vivify, well-drawn, zestful, zesty, zippy
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